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The denturist team at Westside Denture Centre can provide you with a free consultation and discuss which kind of denture solution works for your mouth.


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Our team practices in two locations, providing a range of denturist services to clients of all ages. From children needing mouth guards to older adults getting their first pair of dentures, our team can help you protect or resurrect your smile.
Jody L. Nelson, DD and Sheri L. Mything, DD are Denturists who understand that no two mouths have the same needs. We fit implant partial and full dentures as well as repair existing implant dentures. If you think you need dentures, contact one of our offices for a free consultation.


Jody L. Nelson, DD

Jody L. Nelson, DD

Mr. Nelson has been in the dental industry for over 18 years. He has studied both the technical and clinical disciplines of Denturism. 

Mr. Nelson began his career as a Dental Technician, mastering the technical and artistic aspect of denture fabrication. After attending the University of Calgary he advanced his training by graduating from the Denturist program with honours. Mr. Nelson is the former President of the Denturist governing body, The College Of Alberta Denturists and previously has held Council positions for 6 years.

Mr. Nelson is first and foremost a proud father and husband. He enjoys teaching his son new things every day and finds he learns many lessons in return. Camping, wake surfing and water skiing with his family adds to his recreational enjoyment. However, drawing and woodworking are the more calming indulgences in Mr. Nelson’s life.

Sheri L. Mything, DD

Sheri L. Mything, DD

Mrs. Sheri Mything, DD has been working in the Denturist profession since 1998. Sheri attended The Northern Albertan Institute of Technology, where she graduated with honors. She served as a member of the NAIT advisory committee from ’98 to ’09.

Sheri’s dedication to the Denturist Profession extends not only throughout Alberta, but internationally to Honduras and Guatemala. Through ‘Kindness in Action”, a non-profit organization, Sheri provided Denture services to locals who would not otherwise afford these luxuries.

Through seminars and training programs, Sheri keeps herself on the cutting edge of the latest technology and denture services with a special focus on implant dentures. She has an unwavering commitment to quality and works diligently to provide the highest level of service possible in a warm, caring, and professional environment.

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Our team creates regular partial dentures, full dentures, implant partial and complete dentures, snoring appliances, relines, and repairs. In addition to fitting dentures, we provide teeth whitening.

Call us today at (403) 242-5880 to schedule your appointment at our denture clinic in Calgary. We offer free consultations to new patients and fast, same-day repairs. Before your appointment, remember to fill out our new patient form.