All-On-4 FAQ


Is the All-On-4 (AO4) procedure new or experimental?

The AO4 technique has been performed in Europe for over 15 years and has a success rate of over 97%.

I’ve heard that 6-8 implants are necessary when missing all your teeth.  Why is the AO4 only 4 implants?

Years of research and scientific documentation studies and clinical success with the AO4 procedure allow for the back two implants to be slightly angled, giving as much support as multiple implant placements.  The results are less cost, less chair time, less healing, and a faster smile.

How long does it take?

First it is best to look at how long traditional implant treatment takes.  The surgery would normally involve placing 6-8 implants per arch (costing thousands more), maybe bone grafting, and possibly a sinus lift surgical procedure.  Several visits to the surgeon were required.  This sometimes would translate to the patient being without teeth or with a temporary, regular denture for 1-2 years.

With the AO4 procedure bone grafting and sinus lifts are eliminated.  After on visit for an examination and a CT scan, only 4 implants are then placed the next visit and a permanent denture/bridge placed immediately.  All in one day and you will be walking out with a new smile and functional, secured teeth.

After 4-6 months we will place the final denture/bridge which will be ready to give a lifetime of smiles.

What is the overall success rate of this All-On-4 technique?

15 years of studies indicate a success rate of 98.2% in the upper jaw, and up to 98% in the lower jaw.  In extremely rare cases an implant may fail. If so, and in all likelihood it would fail within the first two months of the procedure, our surgeons will replace it at no charge.

Are there any medical conditions that would cause instances in which theAO4 procedure cannot be utilized?

The vast majority of people are candidates for the AO4 procedure.   As with all medical procedures we thoroughly evaluate each person and determine if this is right for you.  Some instances where we exercise caution are when the patient is a smoker or has diabetes or are taking certain medications.

How painful is the procedure?

Like all surgical procedures, there are varying degrees of discomfort.  The procedure can be performed under IV sedation but is usually not necessary.  We will provide you with exceptional care before, during and after the procedure and most return to work within days of the procedure and some the very next day.  There will be swelling and over the counter pain relievers can control any discomfort you may have.

Will I be able to eat anything with my new implant denture/bridge?

You will be able to eat just about anything without worrying about slippage or your teeth falling out in embarrassing situations.  Your bite force will increase from about 20 pounds per square inch to 250.

How do I keep it clean?

You clean the fixed denture/bridge like natural teeth by brushing and flossing.  Only your clinician can remove the denture/bridge for periodontal maintenance.

I was told I have so much bone loss that I can’t get implants.  Can I still get the AO4 procedure?

Yes there are limited situations where a patient’s bone is too resorbed but this is more the exception than the norm using the AO4 procedure.

Recommended follow up visits and examinations?

The AO4 procedure calls for the implants and provisional restorations to be done in the same day.  Your first check up will be in about one week, with follow up appointments monthly for 4 months.  Then, the procedure for your final restoration will begin with 2 or so more appointments necessary for the fabrication and try in.  Your clinician will control the time which may differ for each patient depending on healing and other possible issues.


The AO4 procedure is a surgical procedure and like other surgeries there can be no 100% guarantees because the human body is an ever-changing, dynamic organism.  However we do stand behind the quality of our product and will do everything in our ability to make your treatment and experience as comfortable and successful as possible.  With extremely high success rates you can feel comfortable knowing you are in good hands.   That is our guarantee and commitment to you.