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Calgary residents with dentures

You may remember losing your first primary tooth—a little twinge and then the excitement of bragging about the rite of passage to your friends. But you probably have a vivid memory of when you lost your first adult tooth. Maybe at first it simply embarrassed you. Then, as time went on, it became hard to chew and even harder to smile.

You don’t have to live with the shame or the discomfort. For many adults, dentures make a solid solution. We have two locations where our staff can consult with you and fit you for dentures—one in Calgary and one in Canmore.



All dentures are not the same.  The materials that go into the making of the denture and the procedures that the Denturist use both make a significant difference in the quality of your dentures.”

“We stock a wide variety of materials and our Denturists are trained in a wide variety of techniques so that we may offer our patients choice.”  Whether it is a vibrant youthful smile or a rugged seasoned look you desire we can customize your appearance to your needs.


Edentulous jaw

An edentulous jaw

Full denture

Denture on gums


Cosmetic Dentures:

Your appearance is unique and is as important to us as it is to you.
Through the use of advanced, high quality materials: life-like teeth,
digital photograghs and customized denture base coloring we are able to
provide you with a personalized, natural smile.

Economy Denture

Economy Denture

Get Custom Dentures in Calgary

Customized Cosmetic Denture

Worn out Dentures

Worn out Dentures

Custom Cosmetic Dentures - Complete Upper and Lower Denture

Custom Cosmetic Dentures

Immediate /First Denture(s)


What Dentures Treat

Dentures replace one or more missing teeth. When a patient only has a few missing teeth, they may opt for implants or partial dentures. If you have two or more missing teeth, dentures make a practical choice but an implant bridge is the best choice. For many patients, dentures improve the following areas:

  • Appearance
  • Eating
  • Progressive facial sagging
  • Speech
  • Confidence

At our centres, we provide cosmetic dentures. Traditionally, dentures looked flat and unnaturally coloured. Cosmetic dentures use separate life-like teeth and detailed colouring to make the dentures look like they belong in your mouth.

What to Expect

The decision to get dentures can be a difficult one. At our centres, we communicate with your Dentist if it is required for your treatment.  If you do not currently have a dentist, we will happily recommend one.

When you come to us, our Denturists will assess your teeth and gums. We will work with your Dentist if any extractions are required. After any necessary extractions have healed—which usually takes one to three weeks—your Denturist may have to adjust your dentures.

It is extremely important for the patient to remember one thing: Your gums and jaw bone are going to shrink after your extractions and for the rest of your life. This will cause the denture(s) to become loose very soon after. Denture irritations or sore spots will invariably develop due to this looseness and will require adjustments by the Denturist. Never attempt to adjust or repair a denture yourself. If an area is particularly sore, leave the denture out as much as possible until the day of the adjustment appointment and rinse your mouth frequently with warm salt water rinses. Once the extractions areas have healed (1-3 weeks) we can place a *temporary* lining in the denture to help refit it to your newly shaped gums and make the denture tight once again. This lining process will be required several times over the course of a 6-12 month period, after which time a *permanent* lining (reline) will now be required. This will last you for a couple of years.

The greatest problem by far is relearning to eat. Eating with complete dentures is quite different from eating with natural teeth. Natural teeth are embedded in bone and have individual sensory nerves capable of sensing pain, pressure and temperature. A denture, however is anchored to nothing, feels nothing, and rests on soft, movable tissues covering the jaw bones. Patience is required. Softer foods and smaller bites will aid in this relearning process.

Required Maintenance

Regular maintenance is essential, especially during your first year of use. Our staff is on hand to make adjustments and apply liners as needed.

Call today to begin the process of restoring your smile with dentures. Our Calgary centre is available at 403.242.5880.